motivation and benefit



It is not always easy to identify the precise motivations that prompt us to make one deision instead of another.
The Italian Optometric scene is rich of associations with various specializations and each of them can offer different services.
What was missing was probably a homogeneous project centered on culture and on the education of new prefessionists, prepared in the field of Behavioural Optometry.

The Academy proposes itself in this context, not as a school but pursuing a program of Continuing Education that follows the normal scholastic course and that includes the internet site as the instrument for the diffusion of informative products.
In fact, a part from the courses, the Academy is translating a great quantity of American literature that up 'til now was available only in English.

The availability of such material has been made possible through an agreement with OEP, which will distribute its Memberships also through EASV. In this "container" are also included the various perks addressed to members, such as free access to medline, availablility of abstracts coming from articles published on specialized journals, a unique list of links to sites of Optometric interest and the bigger and most exaustive database of bibliographic references existing.
There are many project being worked on but we believe we can offer people, who decide to become members, much more than just words, European Academy of Sports Vision is a solid non profit association, wht ten year of experience, three olympics behind and a store of information, documentation, statistics that are about to be make available to those wanting to join us.

Benefits for EASV Members

- "Associate Member" certificate renewable every year
- Full access to all services on the website
- Free access to Newsgroups
- Free access to the Italian version of Medline
- Free access to bibliographic archives
- Free access to translate articles
- Free access to manuals
- Free access to complete links
- 15% discount on books and CD-ROM
- 15% discount on educational material
- 15% discount on courses and seminars
- Free optometric book on renewal of membeship (could be in CD-ROM format)