European Academy of Sports Vision

Following the experience matured in the United States during the past 30 years and thanks to scientific and cultural cooperation, the 13th of September 1988 the European Academy of Sports Vision was founded. It is a non profit multidisciplinary organization with cultural, scientific and educational purposes.

On the 15th of April 1989 the first European Centre of Sports Vision has been inaugurated in Cervia and it has already carried out more than a thousand Sports Vision Analysis on athletes and hundreds of personalized Visual Training programs.

The European Academy of Sports Vision is composed by an Executive Board and a Scientific Board guiding the research and educational activities as well as scientific and cultural seminars in the field of visual efficiency and all its implications in sports, school, work and leisure activities.


EASV - Accademia



Main purposes:

The European Academy of Sports Vision aims at increasing and enhancing the professionality and technical-scientific training of those, who, without taking anything away from their profession, wish to specialize in the area of sports vision.

Types of memberships:

Associate Member
Everyone in possession of a degree or a diploma within the healthcare, rehabilitation or sports sectors can become an Associate Member.

Some of the operational intentions emerging from the Statute:

Sports Vision comprises a series of services and initiatives addressed both at athletes and operators in the eye care fields, these can be summarized as follows:

1) Sports Vision Screenings
Preventive diagnosis in groups of young athletes from various sports disciplines with the purpose of making an early diagnosis of any eventual visual disorder

2) Sports Vision Analysis
Detailed diagnosis of individual athletes who, because of the high agonistic levels or because affected by visual problems, require a sophisticated and personalized diagnostic and rieducational approach.

3) Sports Vision Training
Individual and small group programs designed for the improvement of visual and visuo-motory efficiency, according to the type of sport being practiced.

4) Intensive theorical-practical seminars
Addressed to eyecare and sports operators (Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Sports Doctors, Coaches, Psychologists, etc.) for professional update and for the diffusion of diagnostic and rieducational techniques.

5) Educational and informative initiatives
Promotion and realization of educational campaigns fo the prevention of visual trauma in sports.

6) Research Programs
Preparation of statistics and pubblications regarding visual function in sports.